Essential Oil Components by GCMS, NIST Version, UPGRADE, Download

Essential Oil Components by GCMS, NIST Compatible Version, Upgrade, Download



The following changes are available in the upgrade.

Chiral structures are displayed and are searchable for all compounds.

Retention Index is in the NIST comments field, with chromatographic conditions disclosed.

Retention Index is now displayed in the NIST search report, thus adding easy secondary confirmation of compound identity.

InChlKey provides access to PubChem for structure confirmation.

Compound names have retention time prefix removed. Now you can perform searches by compound name.

Previous version of the NIST compatible version of the Adams Library. Structure is not associated with the spectrum, retention times are inserted in the compound name, and there are no InChlKeys.
Upgraded Version of the NIST compatible Adams Library
All spectra have searchable chiral spectra assigned. Retention times have been transferred to the NIST comments section. Retention indices are displayed in the hit report, and InChlKeys have been generated for each spectrum.

Requires previous version of the Essential Oil Components by GCMS Database, NIST version. A unique download link is sent after previous ownership is verified.