GPMAW, General Protein Mass Analysis Windows, Upgrade, Hard Media

Sequence handling: Import of sequences from a number of different formats with direct database search in Entrez and in local databases (FastA format and Swiss-Prot). Sequences can be saved in local files (databases) for future reference.
From the sequence window a large number of actions can be performed. Sequences can be exported in FastA format (either singly or all sequences at once) for easy transfer to other programs.
Mass analysis: The protein can be cleaved by automatic methods (e.g. a flexible nomenclature for defining enzyme actions) or manually. The peptides are displayed with a number of parameters (various mass values – mono, ave, charges – Bull&Breese index, HPLC index, pI, charge) and can be further worked upon (e.g. cross-linked, new cleavage).
Peptide mass searches can be performed on any local database in FastA format.
Bioinformatics: A number of graphs can be displayed, hydrophobicity, dot-plot, secondary structure prediction. BLAST searches can be performed on local databases. Multiple alignment using ClustalW