NIST MS/MS Library

More information on NIST Mass Spectral Library may be found at MS/MS spectra, along with an increased number of fields relevant to MS/MS data, are provided in a set of files separate from the Main and Replicates data files that comprise the Library of EI spectra. The MS/MS spectra have been provided by contributors, measured at NIST, and extracted from the literature. The preparation of the MS/MS Library revealed that at sufficiently high signal-to-noise measurement conditions, modern instruments are capable of providing very reproducible “library- searchable” spectra. Although collision energy is an important variable in Q-tof and related instruments, spectra vary in an understandable way depending on the compound and instrument type as well as collision-energy conditions. Energy-dependent variation is accounted for by including spectra for most compounds over a wide range of collision energies, ranging from slight to complete dissociation of the precursor ion.

There are 652,475 MS/MS spectra of 123,881 ions for 15,243 compounds in NIST 17, provided in two libraries, nist_msms and nist_msms2. The second MS/MS library, nist_msms2, contains spectra of compounds that do not have chemical structures displayed. They mostly are commercially available peptides. Spectra from the nist_msms2 library are not displayed in the MSMS tab. Otherwise, the format of the two libraries is similar.

Important Information

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